First Meeting of Second Semester

Since we aren’t bogged down with school yet, this week is the perfect opportunity to make some serious progress with the RepRap. It would also be great to see the projects people have been working on over the break.

We will be meeting slightly earlier than usual, from 6pm onwards, Thursday (13/1/11) at Nicol Hall. Be there or be square…


About samroesch

Mechanical Engineering. Electronics. Robotics. Audio. CNC. Bikes. Vinyl Records. Film Photography. Create, Make, and Hack it all!
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2 Responses to First Meeting of Second Semester

  1. Cliff Coulter says:

    The stuff you guys make is awesome! I’m looking at Kingston hosting a Maker Faire and I was wondering if you guys would consider getting involved? Could I meet with you somewhere at Queen’s for a quick coffee to learn more about what you do?

    Cliff Coulter

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