Meeting Meeting Meeting

Hopefully everyone’s exams are going well, or that you are at least procrastinating by making cool stuff like Freeman did here. We are having a meeting on tuesday night (tomorrow) @6:30 in Nicol Hall. We have some new people interested that will hopefully be coming out too!

Our stuff from the ILC needs to be brought over, someone will be waiting in Nicol’s lobby until 6:40, while stuff is being brought over and then we’ll head up to the 3rd floor lab. If you need to be let after that, or you are lost txt 613 770 1061.

The plan is to get some printing done, try to bring laptops. WiFi is bad up there, so bring an ethernet cable if you need.

Other things to cover:

  1. Personal projects for the break
  2. Official name for the club
  3. Making the club an official Queen’s Club /Design Team?
  4. Other development projects for the club: making posters etc…

Last but very much not least: We are done with some or all of our exams on tuesday, plans to go to QP or other (fake id friendly?) establishment after.


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Mechanical Engineering. Electronics. Robotics. Audio. CNC. Bikes. Vinyl Records. Film Photography. Create, Make, and Hack it all!
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