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Names, Names, Names…

“Kingston Mod Lab” was never meant to be permanent, I just sort of threw it up there when this site was made. Now that our group has some substance to it, it’s time to give ourselves a proper name. To … Continue reading

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Meeting Meeting Meeting

Hopefully everyone’s exams are going well, or that you are at least procrastinating by making cool stuff like Freeman did here. We are having a meeting on tuesday night (tomorrow) @6:30 in Nicol Hall. We have some new people interested … Continue reading

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Splitting Belts & Moving X-Axis

Belts have been split using anĀ impromptuĀ jig that was essentially a box-cutter knife stuck into a piece of wood. Christine dropped by last night and gave us a hand with skeinforge, hopefully allowing us to print parts on the RapMan soon. … Continue reading

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Let’s Print Stuff

We now have access to the RapMan in Nicol hall, which will enable us to print the remaining parts that are missing from the RepRap. A few things need to be done this meeting: Finalize list of needed parts for … Continue reading

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Today we had access to the RapMan, which meant printing! First parts to print were pulleys by thingiverse user nophead, which are easier to install than the original mendel pulleys, requiring only one flat to be filed onto the stepper … Continue reading

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MK4 Tensioner Mod

As Freeman explains on his blog- we couldn’t let the makerbot MK4 extruder go to waste, even though we want to have a stepper driven extruder. The thing 4824 by Taniwha will take care of adapting the stepper to a … Continue reading

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