RepRap Build Session 2

During the last session good progress was made on building the x-axis, it went together pretty much exactly as the RepRap wiki instructions described.

However… a few issues have come up today already.

  1. I broke a one of the gears that drives the belts, they all need reprinting as the quality is low.
  2. We need to make an extruder. We have the makerbot DC motor extruder, we need a stepper driven extruder to work with our system. Looking into wade extruder and brutstruder. More exciting option would be to hack the makerbot extruder into using a stepper.
  3. RepRap website has crashed… not good timing.

On Further inspection, the makerbot extruder would not be good for using with a stepper. The stepper needs to be geared before driving the filament.

Need To Print:

  1. Gears
  2. Extruder
  3. Frame-Vertex_6off  x2

Need to buy:

  1. Set screws?
  2. Insert nuts for set screws?

Freeman’s write-up can be found here:


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