What’s New?

It has been hard to find time to hack over the last few weeks, but luckily things have changed, and we have a few exciting news items:

  1. Ok, so this isn’t that exciting, but we have an email subscription button on the right menu bar. I suggest you click it now, and be updated about meetings and posts for ever and ever, starting now.
  2. This one is really exciting: We have a RepRap! We have partnered with Dr. Pearce of Queen’s University who is the leader of a sustainability research group. He needed a RepRap put together, in return for successfully building one, he will give us a RepRap (or equivalent) of our own.
  3. Meeting on Tuesday. Stay tuned for details on where and when. (It’s lucky you subscribed isn’t it?)

About samroesch

Mechanical Engineering. Electronics. Robotics. Audio. CNC. Bikes. Vinyl Records. Film Photography. Create, Make, and Hack it all!
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