Meeting Numero Uno!

Hi everyone,

This is short notice, but this thing needs to get off the ground somehow, and now (Tomorrow actually…) is the time!

EDIT: To clarify- Meeting is on Thursday September 30th 2010! (Thanks Leigh)

So here is the plan: meet up in the ILC (Beamish-Munro Hall) on queens campus, in room 220 at 7:00 pm

If you have anything to show off, feel free to bring it along! Same thing goes for stuff you are working on or need help with.


About samroesch

Mechanical Engineering. Electronics. Robotics. Audio. CNC. Bikes. Vinyl Records. Film Photography. Create, Make, and Hack it all!
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3 Responses to Meeting Numero Uno!

  1. Just to clarify based on Sam’s tweet, the meeting will be on Sept 30 🙂

    • mercercg says:

      Wow! I’m shocked I just found one of these starting up in Kingston! How do I join up?!

      • samroesch says:

        I suggest subscribing by email, and then just coming out to a meeting. We will be meeting this tuesday, and working on the reprap. I’ll put a post up soon for a location and date.

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