Hello world!

Welcome to HACKingston/Kingston Mod Lab (tentative names…) a technology collective in Kingston, Ontario.

Interests might include: mechanics, electronics, robotics, art, programming, woodwork, making, sewing, rockets, arduinos, chemistry, you name it really… lets get together and do it.

If you are remotely interested in this, please leave a comment or complete the survey. Cheers!


About samroesch

Mechanical Engineering. Electronics. Robotics. Audio. CNC. Bikes. Vinyl Records. Film Photography. Create, Make, and Hack it all!
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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey congrats + good luck on starting something awesome in Kingston!

  2. christopherolah says:

    Hey! I’m from hacklab.to. It’s awesome that you’re starting a space in Kingston. Do you have a mailing list I can join? Also, I have some freinds at Queens who would be very interested in this. I’ll mention it to them.

    • samroesch says:

      Thanks. It would be great if you told your friends about this, we need more critical mass to get this off the ground! A mailing list sounds like a good idea, I follow the Ottawa Mod Lab one, and it’s always a good time, what do you guys use to run yours? I suppose I could use a gmail account for it… I’ll give that a go- you can be a beta tester : )

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